My Experience with the Microbe Electrifier & Magnetic Pulser
The Pulser I used was a weak 10 Kilogauss output unit I made per Robert Becks instructions for converting a camera flasher for this use. After 2 days of pulsing all over my body (3 times every 4 inches) I became too toxic (headachy & tired) and had to stop for a day. I drank extra amounts of blood purifying tea (Chapparel & Licorice) that day off to speed up the kidneys and livers job of cleaning up the blood. Then after pulsing another 4 days I was again toxic and chose to not pulse any for the next day. Then after 7 days of resumed pulsing I felt minimal effects from it and so then I started to use the Beck blood electrification unit along with it. I continued to pulse all over my body every day until the end of the complete treatment. The blood electrification unit was assembled by me per Robert Becks instructions for 4 hertz square wave output (with polarity switching done by a mechanical relay). Weeks before I officially started blood electrification I had used it once for 2 hours to help combat a cold I had. After the first 15 minutes of using it some kind of something (sinus fluid?) drained down into my tonsils and caused them to swell so that I was unable to talk. This wasn't any fun but my head felt a lot better from the pressure relief. So then I figured I could loosen up this throat congestion with vibration and so I started humming really deeply and at the end of 15 minutes I could talk again. Weeks later when I started using the Blood Electrifier regularly (June 8, 1996) I treated myself daily for 1 hour with 'stick-on' electrodes on my ankles. This was too much though because after 7 days I had to completely stop usage for one day because I was so toxic. Then I resumed usage at 1 hour daily, and after a total of 3 weeks of device usage I was finally not toxic anymore and felt more energetic and 'clear'. So then I increased the usage time to 1.5 hours daily which again put me at the threshold of what I could handle with toxemia. After 2 weeks of this I advanced to 2 hours daily (sometimes broke up into two sessions) for 1 week. Then I increased usage to 3 hours daily for 2 days with the dial at the strongest position. Then I started using the now-standard cloth-on-metal electrodes for 3 hours with the dial at a low setting. The next morning I was slightly naseous with a big headache, so I didn't use it that day. (This proved to me that the cloth-on-me tal electrodes were much more effective.) Usage resumed at 2 hours daily for the next 4 days with little toxemia on the 4th day. Then for the next week I used the Blood Electrifier for 3 hours daily with no feelings of toxemia at the end of that week. At that time I had accumulated 92 hours total usage. I felt a little less fatigued (from CFIDS) but not enough to write home about. But then after 2 weeks suddenly I felt like someone turned my battery back on and I really felt energized and clear mentally. Maybe the reason is that it was first necessary for my immune system to regain a certain amount of strength which it needs to do by replacing infected white blood cells destroyed by electrifying. Energy and immunity are interdependent. The energy pretty much stayed with me although I didn't notice it as much later because its mostly 'change' that is noticed. And, of course, I was able to regain more normality in my life without having to constantly expend energy for an internal battle against viruses.

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