Low Frequency blood electrification

I discovered through personal experience that DC current and frequencies below 4 hz can cause damage to the blood cells after prolonged use. What happened to me is that I was experimenting using 1/4hz (and sometimes DC) for 3 months, the last month for an hour morning and night. Then all of a sudden I was hyper sensitive to auto exhaust and airborne chemicals in the closed shopping malls. I would go to town and be on the computer for 2 hours in the mall and then hours later start to have a horrible headache and nausea which would last about 8 hours. I had used 4hz previously almost every day for years (since I have low immunity) without any problems. Then I happened across an internet report about the speculative possibility of electrolysis in the blood due to blood electrification, like what happens when you make colloidal silver. To make colloidal silver, you apply 30 volts DC across 2 electrodes of silver in distilled heated water. After 10 minutes or so bubbles start to appear on the electrodes which is hydrogen on one electrode and oxygen on the other, from the breakdown of water (H2O). Well, oxygen free floating in the blood (not being carried intentionally by a red blood cell) can do damage to cells like any free radical. I previously thought that was not possible to happen in the blood since it is rapidly circulating and not just sitting there letting the electricity have an accumulative affect on it. So then I did a test applying 1/4hz to my colloidal silver setup and after 20 minutes found that both electrodes were covered with bubbles! When I did the same test at 4hz there were hardly any bubbles at all on the electrodes after 20 minutes. So maybe very low frequency blood electrification causes free oxygen in the blood or it may just be problematic from too much electroporation/transfection which increases below 4hz.