Lymph Health - An Herbal Recipe for Breast Cancer and Lymphomas

1-31-2008 by: Leslee Dru Browning, citizen journalist

Everyone needs to cleanse their lymph system of all the wastes that have built up over a lifetime. Cleansing the lymph helps the body to cleanse every organ and system you have. The waste from each cell must be removed or the body will die in its own waste.

The lymph system transports lymphatic fluids but it also works as a filter, removing bacteria, microorganisms, dead cells, and other unwanted substances. In today's world, our bodies are inundated with an abundance of unwelcome matter and toxins that can block the lymph nodes, decreasing the body's ability to resist disease.

Over time, waste builds up inside the body and starts to clog organs, veins, and lymph which in turn can cause not only cancer but many illnesses such as swollen lymph nodes, skin problems, high cholesterol, sinus congestion, fatigue, and headaches due to a weakened immune system.

When toxic waste builds up in the lymphatic system it impedes the entire body's function. Because the lymph system is the foundation of the immune system, it is vital that its function not be congested by useless wastes that can be naturally flushed out with simple herbs and supplements.

At the end of this article is an herbal recipe for Lymph Clear. The herbs in the formula support one another, and support a solution to clearing the body of environmental causes which have been found in all cancers, but especially Breast Cancer, Lymphatic Cancer and Lymphoma. I have used it as an alternative treatment for many cancers and I have had Naturopaths order this tonic from me to treat their patients for everything from cancers to lymphoedema.

In addition to using Lymph Clear, it is important to change lifestyle, diet and add additional supplements which I recommended.

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