Is blood electrification dependent on a specific frequency?

Some manufacturers are claiming falsely that doctors Kaali and Lyman found that a 3.84HZ square wave produced harmonics that matched the resonant frequency of the HIV virus that is associated with AIDS. That's not true at all. They used DC (non-alternating, non-frequency) current to achieve the result of stopping the virus from infecting human cells. (See patent 5,139,684 where it says "The non-flow vessel was connected to a direct current source capable of creating an electric field at a constant voltage and constant amperage. Into this well was laced a suspension of HIV-1..."). It was Bob Beck that experimented with different low frequencies and finally settled on something around 4 hz. (Since DC caused blood cell damage due to free floating oxygen created in the blood, and higher frequencies weren't as effective). Later, he and Russ Torlage of Sota Instruments agreed that maybe using half of the earth frequency might have some additional benefits, so Russ started making his units that way. But in no way is Beck blood electrification dependent on a specific frequency to do the job. Since the first experiment it's been obvious that it's the amount of the electricity applied at DC or any low frequency that does the job, not a very specific frequency. This biotechnology should not be confused with Rife or Clark technology. No good can come from this confusion. Low frequency blood electrification works very good without adorning it with ideas from Rife or Clark. They're two completely different ideas. Kaali and Schwolsky's patent 5,139,684 clearly states that DC current was used to disable HIV. Anyone who says that it's dependent on a specific frequency to produce a much higher harmonic frequency that does the job is either lying to promote their specific product, or they just don't know how to read. I've personally experimented with many different frequencies and have found that anything below 100 hz can be used to disable viruses. Right now I am personally using 30 hz to deactivate the Epstein-Barr virus that I got reinfected with and it's working very well. If a 3.84 hz blood electrifier is adjusted so that it delivers less than 50uA then it will be obvious that the virus disabling effect is dependent on the amount of current and not on a pinpoint frequency (because it then won't get the job done since close to 100uA is necessary).

Also, anyone who knows about harmonics knows that any high frequency harmonic (high enough to affect viruses) produced by 4 Hz will be so extremely weak that it wouldn't be effective at all because of the small amount of energy it carries (and I do mean really really small). Odd harmonics from 4 Hz are 12, 20, 28, 36, 44, 52, 60, 68, etc. Every higher harmonic has only a fraction of the energy of the harmonic before it, so by the time the harmonic is in the thousands (which is necessary to affect viruses as a Rife frequency) the energy is practically zero.